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Fluoroelastomer materials and manufacturing processes vary widely. Cheaper seals could cost you far more in the long run

Viton® fluoroelastomer (FKM or FPM) from Chemours™ is known for its heat resistance (400°F/200°C) and broad chemical compatibility. Resistance to aggressive fuels, solvents and chemicals makes it popular with manufacturers of packaging machinery and repairers of mechanical seals.

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Fluid Seals can supply Viton® O-rings that comply with AMS7276/MIL-R-25988 and UL approval. Also available in FDA compliant grades for Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical applications.

Conformance to dimension specifications and surface quality are assured through automated quality control using Basler Vario video inspection systems

Viton from Fluid Seals

Fluid Seals supplies FKM Type A (Viton® A) – it is a dipolymer that is polymerised from two (2) monomers – vinylidene fluoride (VF2) and hexafluoropropylene (HFP)

FKM Type A is a general purpose elastomer suited to molded parts such as o-rings and v-rings. It handles moderately elevated temperatures (to 200 degrees C) and has good chemical resistance

Fluid Seals FKM/Viton® has material manufactured in the US that meets Aerospace Material Specification AMS7276 – equivalent to the superseded US Military Specification Mil Spec M83248. The product is Underwriters Laboratory UL Approved and US Govt Qualified Products List QPL Listed.

Standard Description
UL The Underwriters Laboratory is a global independent safety science company which certifies, validates, tests, inspects, audits, and advises and trains.
Policy Review Institute (PRI) The Qualified Products List (QPL) is published by Washington State Department of Transportation

To gain QPL listing a supplier must have received a PRI product qualification approval letter to a specific standard for specific product designations and plant locations.

US Dept of Defence MIL-R-25988 A United States defense standard, often called a military standard, “MIL-STD”, “MIL-SPEC”, or (informally) “MilSpecs”, is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense.(source wikipedia).

The US Military has exited the role of specification setting.

While MIL-R-25988 is still sometimes quoted, it has been superceeded by AMS7276

•Mil Spec MIL-R-83248 is replaced as follows, Type 1 (O-rings and Compression Seals)
Class 1 : 75±5 Durometer is now AMS7276G
Class 2: 90±5 Durometer is now AMS7259D

AMS7276   Mil Specs have converted to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS). It is the most widely used specification for fluoroelastomers in the USA and around the world.