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Kalrez Seals for demanding applications

Kalrez Datasheets

Kalrez Datasheets

Oil & Gas

Compound Application
0090  NORSOK Approved RGD Resistance
0040 Low temperature environments
3065 Aggressive corrosion inhibitors
6375 High temp hot water/steam
7090  Extrusion Resistance and temperature cycling capability
Design Seal Design Considerations for Kalrez

Chemical Processing

Compound Application
1050LF Hot water/steam and amine resistance
4079 High temperature chemical resistance
6375 Comprehensive chemical resistance
6380 Hot aggressive amines
7075 High temperature and low compression set
7090 Extrusion resistance and temperature cycling capability

Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage

Compound Application
LS205 FDA and USP Class VI Tested
6221 FDA and USP Class VI Tested
6230  Off white FDA Approved

Semiconductor Photovoltaic

Compound Application
9100 Amber/translucent resistant to flourine based plasmas
8575 Off white low outgassing
8900 Low outgassing and compression set