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Kalrez Seals for demanding applications


Perfluoroelastomer parts (FFKM) are the seals to trust for tough applications. Supplied in standard O-rings or custom shapes, Kalrez®  resists over 1,800 different chemicals, while offering the high temperature stability of PTFE (327°C) and low temperatures down to –42 °C

  • Aggressive chemicals
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Temperature cycling
  • Low friction

Kalrez® parts last longer and seal more effectively than other elastomers in demanding processing environments.

Advanced properties help maintain seal integrity, reduce maintenance and operating costs and improve safety. Kalrez® parts provide reliable, long-term service with less downtime.

The long-term, proven performance of Kalrez® parts can mean less frequent seal changes, repairs and inspections, increasing process and equipment uptime for greater productivity and yield. Kalrez® is the proven way to cut costs in pumps and process equipment.

FDA-compliant seals are also available for food, beverage or pharmaceutical processes.