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Applications / Vacuum

Dependable even in the harsh conditions of space

Krytox® was first used for the Apollo space program as a highly reliable, low friction lubricant on Spacesuits and the Lunar Rover’s traction motors. (Photo: wikipedia)

Ideal for the Vacuum industries, DuPont Krytox® vacuum pump fluids (VPF) and  low vapor pressure (LVP) high-vacuum greases  offer superior performance over hydrocarbon, silicone and CFC based lubricants.

Why use Krytox® vacuum pump fluids and LVP high vacuum grease?

  • Chemically inert and is non-reactive in high oxygen environments
  • Offers high performance in extreme temperature and pressure environments
  • Will not decompose or react to form gummy or solid deposits and retains effective lubrication capability at temperature extremes ranging from -15° to 300°C.
  • Non-flammable and will not ignite, explode or support combustion, even in a 100% liquid or gaseous oxygen environment.
  • Low vapour pressure for optimum vacuum performance
We recommend Krytox 1525 as an industrial grade, general purpose Vacuum Pump Fluid.